Be Dazzled by Ryan Sala: A Review

Ryan La Sala, you never disappoint. Even though I was worried for a bit in the beginning that you would. But alas, I should’ve trusted you. You know better than me.

I loved Reverie. It was the epic gay fantasy I needed, full of rainbow superpowers and dimension bending.

Because of this, I was SUPER excited for Be Dazzled. I was lucky enough to get an audiobook ARC- thanks to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media LLC for that- and I’ve been listening ever since.

At first, I’ll admit, it felt a bit slow. I found myself hating some of the characters. Raf was hard to listen to mainly because his anxiety was so very similar to my own- that’s a success, in my book.

But the MOMENT you hit the part where competing comes into play, it’s like listening to Project Runway but with cosplay. As a lifetime fan of beauty and fashion tv shows (with very little fashion sense myself), I found myself at the edge of my seat. I was excited for every twist and turn in the conversation, imagined myself watching from home and wishing only the best for Raf.

This is a book that gives you all the second-chance romance feels you could want. It’s heartwarming and romantic and funny. Even in the beginning when I was worried this may not steal my heart, I was still taken off guard by just how absolutely wonderful Ryan La Sala’s writing style is. I’m so used to the twitter Ryan La Sala who is all jokes and self-deprecation and drama, that I had almost forgotten what a wordsmith he is. These books not only make me laugh, but they’re beautifully written.

Congrats, Ryan La Sala, you did it again. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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