I Kissed a Girl by Jennet Alexander: A Review

As usual, thanks to the publisher and net galley for getting me access to this early audiobook! I love me some good cheesy romance.

Reasons why you would like this book: Opposites attract, the sunshine one loves the grump one, nerving out over movies, quirky side characters, puppies, two jewish love interests, an absurd climax that’s both refreshing and silly.

Reasons you might not like this book: Miscommunication, phone snooping, stalkers, a frustrating third act conflict.

I really enjoyed this book, but found it to be something I may not remember longer than however long it takes to write this review. There was a lot to love, but the characters didn’t stick with me like other characters have in recent months.

I’m gonna keep this review short and sweet, but basically, I Kissed A Girl is a soft sapphic romance with a whole lot of movie magic and a lot of heart. I recommend it if you like any of the things mentioned above. It’s definitely worth a read and I think for many it’ll be a new favorite.

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