The New Girl by Jesse Q. Sutanto: A Review

Haven’t written a review on here in a while- let’s just say life got insanely busy and I didn’t spend a lot of time reading books that required extra work of me. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for getting me early access to this audiobook- I can happily say that I absolutely loved it.

I’m not new to Jesse Q. Sutanto’s works, I fell absolutely in love with her with Dial A For Aunties, and The Obsession was a wild ride from start to finish, so listening to The New Girl was something I was VERY excited about. I love the absolute chaos and drama of every Jesse Q. Sutanto book, all while being full of references to diverse cultures, mostly Chinese-Indonesian (The New Girl) or Singaporean (The Obsession). It’s got so much heart while still being batshit crazy, and I just enjoy that so, so much.

One thing I wished we got more of in The Obsession was the story of Sophie, and I had that need met in the form of The New Girl. Though the story doesn’t focus solely on what happened to Sophie, it’s a key element, while still being accessible to people who haven’t read The Obsession.

The audiobook was enjoyable, and though some felt it was too melodramatic, I felt the drama the narrator added to it fit the drama of the book. It feels fast paced because of that, and you really feel the emotions of the scene.

Basically, this book was absolutely, batshit crazy. And yes, I’ve said that twice, because that’s how crazy it is. In the best way. Pick it up for a good time, but don’t be expecting anything grounded in reality, because Jesse Q. Sutanto is here for everything that can go wrong going absolutely, spectacularly wrong.

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