Dear Azula, I Have a Crush on Danny Phantom by Azura Tyabji and Jackson Neal: A Review

“I am a girl searching for her savagery, / even when it’s doomed. / I am the color of envy, / and my suitor loves it too.”

What I was expecting from this poetry collection: A good time and some fun references to animated shows.

What I got: complex imagery/symbolism/form/etc and a deep emotional resonance with my own experience.

This collection focuses on how your life can be affected by animated shows, and explores profound truths of growing up and the experience of adolescence through the lens of animation and children’s television. There is so much I could say about this, but given it’s a fifty page collection, I’ll keep it short and sweet. My personal favorite poems were “I Have a Crush on Shego,” “Blackfire Ballad,” and “Refraction”.

It’s a short collection, and wholly worth your time. If you have the chance to read this beautiful blip of hope and light, please do.

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