Where Hope Comes From by Nikita Gill: A Review

“It is a small act of protest, / just to be here and still alive. / This, too, is worthy living. / And it will do just fine.”

I LOVE Nikita Gill. She snatched my heart completely with her collection of poetry based on Greek Mythology, and I’ve read quite a few of her collections sense. Her poems are ripe with imagery while still maintaining the relatable, emotional center that is prevalent in a lot of contemporary online poetry. It’s accessible yet still complex, and she’s just a wonderful poet.

This collection was written during COVID about the experience of a worldwide pandemic, and it resonates strongly because of how universal this experience was. There are some brief vignettes into Nikita Gill’s individual experience, and this makes it all the more impactful.

What I didn’t realize before reading the collection was that it was centered around the life cycle of a star- I love when poetry collections are dictated by a certain theme, as it shows how they were able to work within limitations and create an overall theme.

Overall, I loved this collection. Go out and purchase a copy for yourself, mark it up every time some phrase hits you in the chest and lodges itself there. This is going to be the kind of collection that sticks with you.

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